Here are things that I love:

My Boyfriend  (He is the best!)

My Family and Friends (those are some rad peeps)

Music (It’s my life)

Rain (and most times thunderstorms..until the lights go out, that’s freaky)

Christmas (not all the presents, but just the atmosphere in december)

Sitting on the left side of the car (yeah, it’s weird I know)

Modern Family (That show cracks me up!)

Walking(I love to walk places…not when I have to walk into the wind though)

BIking ( The past two summers I have biked to work and I love every minute…a great and easy wat to get a work out!)

Running( I just started a class with the Running Room and Im going to do some 10k runs in the near running in the winter is the best!!!)

Clouds (They are just super cool,especially  cumulonimbus!!)

Baking (cookies are my fav!)

The Olympics (Those Vancouver  games were the best two weeks of my year!)

* This list will be added on to later*